It can take hours to manually create even a simple roadmap in a tool that was not designed for roadmapping. You also have to update your roadmap each time you make progress or plans change. And it is difficult to share your roadmaps and collaborate with teammates. An agile roadmap shows major themes of work in a general timeline. Those themes could be product goals or epics, which are groups of related features. The date range will depend on how an agile development team works, but it is not common to see an agile roadmap expand beyond a quarter at a time.

  • Each roadmap type shows similar information presented in a slightly different way — usually with varying degrees of specificity.
  • Roadmaps, you can enter data once — from high-level strategy to the more detailed work.
  • The best product roadmaps tell us what we need to build, why we need to build it, and how we’ll get it done.
  • Then you can customize your view to display both a strategic roadmap and a detailed Gantt chart that captures phases of work, tasks, milestones, and dependencies.
  • Rather than looking at various departments’ goals, this looks at the larger goal that all departments are working together to reach, and how they’ll reach that goal.

You might see vertical columns or swimlanes to indicate different releases. Note that each release corresponds to a quarter in the year, so it is easy to see when you plan to deliver. By clarifying strategic goals and then linking work to that strategy, you ensure that the team is focused on the activities that bring you closer to your goals. Use your roadmap to align different teams, portfolios, or areas of the business.

This roadmap is useful as a reference tool for the marketing team. But its real value is in how it can educate the rest of the organization and build alignment and support. It shows you’re not taking a lazy approach to marketing and have thought things through. Vision – include information about the product’s business model, goals, personas, and competitors to place your strategic plans in the context of the broader product strategy and direction. Whether you are starting a business, launching a new product, or coordinating a cross-functional project, a roadmap will enable you to visualize your strategic plan and turn it into reality.

We then explained how you might provisionally set quarterly goals of +7.5% revenue increases for each quarter, which would be revised throughout the year, based on the performance of the previous quarter. Any time you sit down and plan out a process Marketing manager job for some kind of marketing activity, the first thing you should do is set out a roadmap. Obviously, the roadmap for marketing teams differs from the roadmap for designers and developers throughout these six stages but there are important overlaps.


You should remember that most people will never actually read that marketing plan. The executive team is establishing the guiding principles and objectives of the marketing team. Those aren’t always obvious when considering any of the specific tactics. SAP Activate provides a clear, structured, and guided process that expedites deployment of SAP solutions.

Marketing manager roadmap

Those would be in a tactical marketing roadmap specific to that initiative and used primarily by members of the marketing team. That level of detail simply isn’t required for this strategic roadmap’s audience. And for other teams, it gives them insight into what marketing is doing.

What is a product roadmap?

This template is useful when you need to coordinate cross-functional release activities with engineering, marketing, sales, and customer support. Shows planned releases across multiple products in a single view. Portfolio roadmaps are useful for providing a strategic overview of your plan to leadership and a broad view of how multiple product teams work together.

Marketing manager roadmap

IT Project Roadmap Template This IT project roadmap template tracks all of the moving parts of technology projects. Enterprise IT Roadmap Template The audience for an enterprise IT roadmap will often be internal stakeholders looking to the IT team for info about… IT Architecture Roadmap Template IT architecture roadmaps enable software architects to keep track of various improvements and components in a central location. Featured Template Product Launch Plan Template The product launch plan roadmap is typically managed by the product marketing team to coordinate efforts across different teams. If you are managing multiple products, portfolio roadmaps display your planned releases for multiple products in a single view. This will give you a full picture of progress and help internal teams understand how their plans relate to one another.

With a prioritised list of marketing ideas, you can now map out your marketing activities in your roadmap. This is where you need to set specific start dates, durations and end dates with an understanding of the personnel and resources required to complete each marketing action. Campaigns are built up from multiple projects, which refers to any marketing activity that has a process – for example, creating a blog post, setting up a new ad group or running an A/B test. So, let’s say you’re running a content marketing campaign to increase traffic in Q1 and you’ve come up with a plan to create 24 blog posts, 12 newsletters and four downloadable resources. Each campaign should have its own roadmap, planning out all of the marketing actions involved and assigning tasks to each team member. Creating roadmaps for each campaign is a great way to clarify the goal and focus on completing it without getting distracted by other aspects of your marketing strategy.

Demystifying Product Marketing for Product Managers

Take part in one of our FREE live online digital marketing events with industry experts, and check out digital marketing student Adelina’s portfolio project. At less than twelve months long, they’re a shorter and more cost-efficient option than a degree, but generally longer and more expensive than a bootcamp. In section five of this guide, we’ll be going into a bit more detail about some of our favorite digital marketing courses! For now, here are some different study routes you might consider. Keep in mind that your primary goal is what really matters and allow some flexibility in terms of performance, as long as you remain on track for completing your goal.

Marketing manager roadmap

If you’re wondering how to become a digital marketing manager, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll find a detailed guide to the industry, plus a clear, actionable roadmap for your new career. Building upon the point of workload management, the final task of building your marketing roadmap is to assign tasks to the right individuals and make sure the required resources are available. Your roadmap is designed to fail if you’re scheduling more work than you have the personnel to manage in your timeframe. You’ll also need to scrutinise your schedule to ensure there’s enough time remaining for other activities that need carrying out beyond the specifics of your strategy, campaign or project.

Marketing Plan Template A marketing plan is a blueprint that outlines your marketing strategy and efforts. Software Roadmap Template A software roadmap is a roadmap specifically for a software product. Engineering Roadmap Template Engineering roadmaps are valuable tools to guide teams through the development process. Technology Roadmap Template Using a technology roadmap helps a company plan out the best way to introduce a technological change in the business…. Most product roadmaps show major releases over a specific time frame and link those to goals and initiatives.

Enterprise IT Roadmap Template

Therefore, you’ll need a roadmap tool that works the way your clients and colleagues do, and the resulting roadmaps are easy to view, edit, download, or share by anyone, with their usual office tools. A roadmap template is a pre-built roadmap sample that can be easily updated with custom data to fit your needs. It provides an already-done framework to specific cases, helping you save time and effort in creating such a visual. There are many ways you can use these roadmap examples to make better decisions around your strategic initiatives. Explore the roadmap templatespage to discover which one fits you best, then download and customize them as you like.

Marketing manager roadmap

Your strategic roadmap should include the schedules for all campaigns and projects but you don’t have to plan the full year’s worth of marketing activity ahead of time. More likely, you’ll be planning ahead for quarters although agile marketing teams will often add campaign schedules on a monthly or weekly basis. A detailed roadmap organises all of your marketing activities and pulls everything together to ensure your daily workloads are building towards your long-term goals. So, in this guide, we explain everything you need to know about marketing roadmaps and how to build them effectively in nine easy steps. Building a product roadmap starts with strategy — you must establish the product goals and initiatives that your efforts will support. Once those are defined, you can decide which releases and features are best aligned with your strategy and then visualize it all on a timeline.

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You can share your roadmap with a variety of audiences — including executives, teammates, other groups in your organization, and customers. Anyone with access to the roadmap can quickly understand the plans and rally behind what you will achieve together. A roadmap is a visual representation of your strategic plans. It ties together your strategy (the «why»), the work you will need to do to achieve your goals (the «what»), and a timeline for completion (the «when»). As a high-level plan for how you will accomplish your goals, a roadmap helps you picture the work that needs to be done along with a corresponding schedule. It is important to have at least a few years of marketing experience to prepare you for the position.

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Defining an overall goal along with the major steps needed to reach it, a roadmap helps articulate the why behind the desired outcome and the plan for getting there within all kinds of strategic initiatives. This forces you to be judicious about what you choose to commit to. When each work item clearly aligns with your overall objectives, you can be confident that you are investing your time wisely. Only include the initiatives and tasks that are most important for achieving your goals. Go-to-market strategy, as well as cross-functional activities required to launch a new product or feature. You can use this view to track deadlines, deliverables, and milestones to hit along the way.

You should continuously adjust your roadmap throughout the lifecycle of your product based on shifting customer needs and market demand. Forward-thinking product managers see a product roadmap as a dynamic compass. Some teams that follow agile software methodology may think of a Gantt chart as a waterfall artifact. The reality is that roadmaps and Gantt charts can be valuable .